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Hello, and welcome to my website.

Latest news on top, then scroll down for a bit of general info...

There is a full year of Druid activity ahead, so events information is being updated very soon. thank you for your patience...

The first news is that my latest book  now has an offficial title -

The Wisdom of  Birch, Oak and Yew:
connect to the magic of trees for guidance and transformation

 courtesy of Llewellyn Worldwide, my publisher, and I'm just finishing the very final i dotting and t crossing before it's totally out of my hands.

And the 
light-bulb moment of the other week has turned into the beginnings of a brand new book. Exciting times!

In January we had a good wassailing, at  Bath in a private orchard, and then at the Glastonbury Abbey orchard, the first time the apples have ever been wassailed.

I've been glad to receive the French translation of my article 'Does God exist' which I'll be posting here very soon. Thank you Dany, for a great job which is now in the OBOD archive.

Excitement for December was the great reaction to our Druid Christmas Tree at St John's Church, High Street Glastonbury. It was called 'Tree of Life', included Druidic Ogham leaves and Awen signs, and drew many admiring glances.
Thanks to Jacki for the  photo.
And that's the round up of the news....


I'm a Druid author, speaker, workshop leader and celebrant.

Find all information about my books on the book extract pages. This is currently in progress, so email if you can't find what you want, or would like a list of my talk/workshop titles, to touchstone[at]druidry[dot]org

Use that email for any enquiries about talks and workshops too. I've worked with many groups, from enclosed Druid events to the Brownies! Probably the most accessible general explanatory talk which I give to many groups is 'Living Druidry; nature as teacher.'

News 2013 - so far, apart from regular seasonal festivals with the Ash Grove in the Glastonbury landscape - there's been tree planting  and community singing for the trees, as well as helping to plan Druidic fun within OBOD and without, and a new study group. the summer brought  opportunities to giving talks at camps. And I'm working on a new book for Llewellyn to be published in 2014

That's the general info: now here's some  information about my latest Druid detective mystery. Don't think that this is not important stuff because it's such fun: it disguises Druid teachings and wisdom in the form of a cracking Druid adventure, as all the great occult writers always have.

Druidry is about living lightly - and that includes lightness of spirit!
If you believe that spirituality is not only vitally important but should also be full of life, love and laughter, then the Druid Detective books, with their cracking adventures and laced with Druid wisdom and understanding of a magically lived life, might just be for you.
To sample, take a look at the extracts page.

Latest Book News - just published;
The Case of the Cornish Patsy

‘It was a dark night in the forest that never sleeps...' yes, that fabulous Druid Private Eye, Gwion Dubh (pronouce it Duv), has just wrapped up another case, which took him all over Cornwall, and involved giants, gals, geese and a geography teacher. Advance readers say it’s the most exciting yet.

FFI, to buy
at a special  price, or for a free extract, just email touchstone[at]druidry[dot]org

Here's the blurb:

The Case of the Cornish Patsy

See the world through the eyes of a practising Druid as Gwion, robed and ready, is called once again to maintain the ancient harmonies.
Sent to magical Cornwall, he becomes implicated in human affairs and is marked man. As he acquires an entourage including girls,  geese, giants and a fanatical geography teacher, he begins to realise that the Land itself is in peril - and where is Britain’s ancient protector?
Gwion’s crazy circus will traverse the length of the peninsula before the final showdown with the forces of evil, on May Day Morn.

For a sample extract, email me at touchstone[@]druidry[dot]org

Reactions to Gwion’s first adventures:

Gwion Dubh, druid investigator, delves into the bright-dark doings of certain faery-human relations. A tale for all in search of Genius Loci, Totem Trees, shamanic enlightenment or the lost leafmould of Iolo Morgannwg. Druidic drollery at its most flamboyant. I laughed to the point  of metempsychosis.  
                                     Caitlin Matthews, author: Co-founder of FOIS


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Events  2014



Bath Heritage Orchard          Glastonbury Abbey

26 Jan TREE PLANTING                 

  in conjunction with the OBOD  Golden Grove ceremony, NZ


by Bride's mound

9 Feb Anti-fracking event
, Bristol



15-16 March

19 March TALKS                                       for Bath Spa Students, Glastonbury

Venue TBC



Work in progress ... more dates coming soon.


22 APRIL, In Wells, Somerset
Email Penny for details

10 Jan tree planting recce; Bride's Mound

, Glastonbury

16 Jan Druid Grove, Glastonbury
28 Jan Michael Line visit, Herts
27 Jan Full moon neditation

10 Feb  Imbolc ritual
25 Feb Full moon ritual
1-3 March OBOD Druid Gorsedd, Hants
17 Mar OBOD Alban Elfed ceremony
27 Mar Full moon meditation

6-7 April Inner journeying and ritual.
Matt McCabe
25 April Full moon meditation

15 May talk - The flowerbride - talk
for Glastonbury PLG

19 May
One Tree Gathering
(Interfaith) Worcs. Talk; Nature as teacher

7 June OBOD meeting – Groves and Seedgroups. Glastonbury

8 June OBOD Assembly, Glastonbury

Weds 24 - Sun 28 July
Talks at The Druidcamp

Mon 9 August
Druid talk for Bath Spa University

 Summer School. TBC

20-22nd September
Mysteries of the Cauldron Camp,

The shores of Bala Lake.
Anglesey Order of Druids.


Apologies - life has been busy with October talks and November preparations... I will update this very soon!


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