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Listen to the call of spirit and seek truth in wild groves, the shifting seasons, and the beauty of the Old Ways. Discover how to embark on this sacred green path and enrich your life with its ancient wisdom.Pen_on_Tor

About Penny: I am a Druid of twenty years practical experience, trained by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and am the editor of their magazine, Touchstone.

I speak regularly on all aspects of Druidry and, as well as celebrating the seasonal festivals, I am a celebrant for both marriages and baby namings. I am based in the SW, and can be contacted easily for more information on the above or just to answer your questions on any aspect of Druidry/rites of passage or seasonal celebration at touchstone[at]druidry[dot]org

I am an author of fiction and non-fiction - my book

'The Path of Druidry' (published  Llewellyn Worldwide) can be used as an informative guide OR as a comprehensive study course in Druidry.
The Wisdom of Birch, Oak and Yew has lots of suggestions and exercises for accessing the magic of three especially significant trees to Druids. So if you want to reignite your youthful vigour, learn to step into your own power or allow yourself your own space - as well as stepping outside of linear time! - this might be the book for you!

'The Keys to the Temple: unlocking Dion fortune's Mystical Qabalah through her occult novels' is my latest book, co authored with Ian Rees, and published by Llewellyn in May 2017.

Ian can be found at http://www.annwnfoundation.com/

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