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Hello, and welcome to my website

At the moment I'm using 'latest news' page as a diary/blog to promote discussion on Druidry, seasonal and related matters, and welcome your comments at

I'm a Druid author, speaker, workshop leader and celebrant.

You will find all information about my books on the book extract pages.

If you would like a list or information about my talk and workshop titles, contact me at touchstone[at]druidry[dot]org

I've worked with many groups, from enclosed Druid events to University students and the Brownies! Probably the most accessible general explanatory talk which I give to many groups is 'Living Druidry; nature as teacher.'

To hear the lecture I gave at the Gatekeeper conference last November, use the link below -

The subject is 'Think global, act local: a Druid's perspective on the land.'

Book news:

My new book for Llewellyn worldwide was published in spring 2017.

For a full list of my books, go to the book page.
If you'd like a quick read of them,  got to the Llewellyn Worldwide site, find the book and just press 'browse'.

Latest on the Druid detective series...

This series is currently OUT OF PRINT and I am working on getting kindle versions out. Any enquiries from interested would-be readers would really help to keep this project cooking; it has been on the back burner for too long!

These cracking magical adventures follow the example of the great occult writers in incorporating occult practices and Druid teachings and wisdom, so they can serve as an introduction to the Druidic, animist, enspirited Celtic-inspired worldview as well as having you on the edge of your seats...

The Case of the Cornish Patsy:

a Gwion Dubh, Druid Investigator adventure

Druidry is about living lightly - and that includes lightness of spirit!
If you believe that spirituality is not only vitally important but should also be full of life, love and laughter, then the Druid Detective books, with their cracking adventures and laced with Druid wisdom and understanding of a magically lived life, might just be for you.

ĎIt was a dark night in the forest that never sleeps...' yes, that fabulous Druid Private Eye, Gwion Dubh (pronouce it Duv), has just wrapped up another case, and advance readers say itís the most exciting yet. See the world through the eyes of a practising Druid as Gwion, robed and ready, is called once again to maintain the ancient harmonies.

Sent to magical Cornwall, he becomes implicated in human affairs and is marked man. As he acquires an entourage including girls,  geese, giants and a fanatical geography teacher, he begins to realise that the Land itself is in peril - and where is Britainís ancient protector?

Gwionís crazy circus will traverse the length of the peninsula before the final showdown with the forces of evil, on May Day Morn.

For a free extract, just email touchstone[at]druidry[dot]org

Reaction to Gwionís first adventures:

Gwion Dubh, druid investigator, delves into the bright-dark doings of certain faery-human relations. A tale for all in search of Genius Loci, Totem Trees, shamanic enlightenment or the lost leafmould of Iolo Morgannwg. Druidic drollery at its most flamboyant. I laughed to the point  of metempsychosis.  
                                     Caitlin Matthews, author: Co-founder of FOIS


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