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How to stop the rain: Conversational magic with the Cosmos
(60 pages: paperback & kindle format)


My latest book is based on a magical experiment -
fully described - and shows a simple and highly effective approach to co-creating their own world. It's short, competitively priced,  and full of ideas to empower the reader who wishes to be a part of the flow of natural magic, not the artificial manipulator beloved  of the sliver screen and lurid fiction...

Read an extract here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-stop-rain-Conversational-Cosmos/dp/1709153512

Here's the blurb...

Can anyone work effective magic for change in the world, and should we even try? Details of a spontaneous magical experiment with a group and it's effects, prefaced with a discussion of what magic might be, the ethical considerations and how to begin to live a magical and connected life.


Here are the first 5* reviews from Amazon...

5.0 out of 5 stars An encouragement to magic!
In a short (60 pages) punchy book that has no padding at all (thank the Goddess!) Penny digs deep into the question: what happens when we do a magical working to stop a downpour and then it instantly stops? It happened to her and a group of people after a talk she gave, and most of us in this field have stories of how the weather seemed to respond to our intentions, and yet our skeptical scientific minds just can’t accept that the magic actually worked – it was a coincidence, surely? From this starting point, the book takes off – asking ‘what really went on?’ and ‘how can we make this happen again?’ from different angles until by the end of the book you are encouraged to Know, to Will, to Dare, and be Silent! This book comes at a very apposite time, when rain is so very often desperately needed, and we need to learn not only how to stop it but also how to start it! Philip Carr-Gomm

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant little book!

This compact little book has more useful information about magic than many weighty tomes. Written in Billington's characteristically accessible style, it presents a comprehensive theory of magic and magical practice in the context of a single excellent, real-world example - an occasion on which the author led a group of students in a spontaneous ceremony that actually stopped the rain. You'll have to read it to find out how this happened! From this one example, Billington sketches out the world-views and metaphysical assumptions that underly our understanding of magic, and shows the way to an ethical and effective way to practice that works in the physical world because it's rooted in a thorough and sophisticated theoretical basis. Highly recommended! Lily Fred


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