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So long 2019
In 2019, January saw us
facilitaing 3 wassails -
as part of a Tudor evening in Glastonbury Abbey,
an afternoon's wassailing for the public there
and an afternoon wassail at the Avalon orchard on the side of the Glastonbury Tor.

All were magical events, with the trees whispering an accompaniment to our songs as we libated them with cider.

Late spring and we were in Broceliande, that enchanted Arthurian forest region, on a retreat to explore the haunts of Merlin and the fae..

and June led us to a Midsummer Gathering in Sweden, to see how their vibrant folksong and tradition informs their Druid practice, with decorated garlands chosen from local herbs and flowers and part singing adding to the magic.

August came in bringing our regular appearance at The Druidcamp on the banks of the River Severn, home of the goddess Sabrina and the site of the rescue of the Mabon from Gloucester jail, when Arthur's knights were carried by a mythic salmon.

In September I joined a group in Germany to celebrate the 'Gifts of the Forest' in the beautiful volcanic region of Maria Laach; we discussed, walked, meditated, workshopped...danced, sang and enjoyed community and Druidism for a long weekend of golden beech forest, pure air and fun.

MERLIN has been a theme through the seasons: the great mentor of green enchantment has been weaving his spell and I've had several chances to speak on aspects of his story - the latest being at Psycon in London in November.

Still to come... Druidry and the return of the Sun; the mistletoe rite
at Gunnersbury Park Museum, Dec 17th


And then there is the republishing of the Gwion Dubh, Druid Detective novels, and - news for December 2019, the publication of a new book

'How to stop the Rain: magical conversations with the cosmos.'

See current pages for reviews and how to order.

It was a
joyful January, with a celebration of 12th night, then wassailing on the side of Glastonbury Tor for the National Trust, and a magnificent full moon for our monthly peace meditation.

My latest project, THE DRUID'S HIDE, has a keen band of participants, all studying to gain a deeper Druid awareness through their local landscape.

The project is chockablock with simple exercises to tune is into the land, whether it's a park, city street or dog walk route.

YOUR JANUARY QUESTION - What approach to a simple stroll will deepen your connection to the landscape that is your everyday reality?

A blessing on our lives, a blessing on the land.


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